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Journal of East Asian Studies

Editor Stephan Haggard

The Journal of East Asian Studies seeks to publish cutting-edge social science on East and Southeast Asia, with a primary interest in international and comparative politics and political economy. The journal seeks theoretically-informed work on substantively important topics that makes new empirical contributions. The JEAS has published articles on a wide variety of topics, from regional security and institutions, to democratic governance, human rights, and environmental concerns.

Examples from recent issues:

Volume 12, Number 3. Special issue on "Japan Under the DPJ: The Paradox of Political Change Without Policy Change," guest editors Phillip Y. Lipscy and Ethan Scheiner.

Volume 12, Number 2. Björn Jerdén and Linus Hagström, "Rethinking Japan's China Policy: Japan as an Accommodator in the Rise of China, 1978–2011"

Volume 12, Number 1.  Raymond Hicks and Soo Yeon Kim, "Reciprocal Trade Agreements in Asia: Credible Commitment to Trade Liberalization or Paper Tigers?"

Volume 11, Number 3. Thomas B. Pepinsky and Maria M. Wihardja, "Decentralization and Economic Performance in Indonesia" and Victor Shih "'Goldilocks' Liberalization: The Uneven Path Toward Interest Rate Reform in China"

Volume 11, Number 2. Seok-Choon Lew, Woo-Young Choi, and Hye Suk Wang, "Confucian Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism in Korea: The Significance of Filial Piety"

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