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Journal of International Policy Solutions

Editor, Adrián Pavía , MPIA '13

Since its inception, IR/PS has enjoyed a distinguished reputation as a nexus of the United States, Latin American, and the Asia-Pacific regions. In an increasingly globalized society, no policymaker or institution can bring about effective change without welcoming an open exchange of ideas and research from around the world. The faculty at IR/PS pushes future leaders and policymakers to do just this. Our students connect with their peers, share information and ideas, cooperate across institutional boundaries and, most importantly, find concrete solutions to international problems. It is for these reasons that our student leaders created International Policy Solutions. Although their own work focuses on Latin America and the Asia-Pacific regions, the journal staff is committed to fostering an open exchange of ideas, opinions and research from their peers.

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Editor in Chief
Shahin Firoozmand

Publications Director
Megan Kung


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ISSN 1937-1292