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Our centers and programs support research activities, offer fellowships, organize events, and support the core-teaching curriculum of the School. They are the main engines of research, covering global issues of public policy, management, and international relations.

Center on Emerging and Pacific Economies

Examining sustainable economic growth in countries of the Pacific region, the Center brings together the worlds of academic inquiry and policy analysis. Through applied research and dialogue with government and business leaders, the Center is a resource for policymakers. Click here to learn more.

Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies

Researching economic and social policy in Mexico, U.S.-Mexican relations, and Mexican-origin populations in North America, the Center also sponsors comparative studies with substantial Mexico components. The Center pursues close collaboration with Mexican institutions and is the premier institution of its kind. Click here to learn more.

Global Information Industry Center

Studying underlying issues and consequences of technology-enabled change, the Center seeks to identify and describe through its research programs global information issues faced by all segments of the information industry. Click here to learn more.

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

Facilitating innovative research into the causes of international conflict and cooperation, the Institute is committed to educating the next generation of international problem-solvers and peace-makers through its activities. Click here to learn more.

Korea-Pacific Program

Promoting greater understanding of contemporary North and South Korea, this program supports a wide variety of organized research projects, presents an annual seminar series, and hosts a visiting scholars program for faculty and other researchers, primarily from Korea. Click here to learn more.

Laboratory on International Law and Regulation

Exploring when and why laws actually work, this living laboratory looks across a wide array of issues from environment and energy to human rights, trade and security. Click here to learn more.

21st Century China Program

Aimed at deepening public knowledge and understanding of contemporary China and promoting active discourse on China’s domestic evolution and its international engagement. Click here to learn more.

Fudan-UC Center on China

The University of California is partnering with Fudan University to establish a new center on China to launch this year.