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Core Curriculum

The MPIA and BA/MIA core curriculum is designed to integrate the diverse subject areas of international management, international relations and comparative public policy. In addition to the required core coursework, students must also satisfy the requirements of a career track, country/regional specialization and language requirement.

Core Courses

All MPIA candidates must complete the following courses with a C- or better. The courses listed below are completed in the first year of study.

IRCO 400 - Policy Making Processes
IRCO 401 - Managerial Economics
IRCO 403 - International Economics
IRCO 410 - International Politics and Security
IRCO 412 - Globalization, the World System and the Pacific
IRCO 415 - Finance and Accounting for Policy Makers
IRCO 453 - Quantitative Methods I
IRCO 454 - Quantitative Methods II (prerequisite: IRCO 453)

Capstone Courses

At least one of the following courses must be taken after satisfactory completion of all first year core courses.

IRCO 463 - Strategy and Negotiations
IRCO 467 - Policy Responses to Global Problems
IRCO 468 - Evaluating Technological Problems (prerequisite IRGN 446)