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Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs

  EPS Learn ButtonEnvironmental Policy and Sustainability
Career Track
  SAPAC Learn ButtonSecurity of the Asia-Pacific
Career Track

The Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs (MAS-IA) is an executive master's degree program at IR/PS.

MAS-IA students are dynamic professionals seeking specialized and advanced education in the field of international affairs. They come from many countries with diverse backgrounds in industry, government, media, and non-profit organizations. They have a minimum of five years of professional work, relevant international experience, and attained proficiency in a second language.

Through rigorous course work and extensive interaction with their peers at IR/PS and leaders from the global community, graduates of the MAS-IA are prepared to take their next steps in careers that will help mold the Pacific region’s economic growth, technological innovations, and environmental and security challenges into instruments of peace, prosperity, and democracy.

Students enrolled full-time complete the degree in a nine month academic year (holders of F or J visas must study full-time). A part-time enrollment option (2 academic years) is also available to professionals with flexible work schedules.

Explore how the MAS-IA curriculum instills a strong understanding of how public policy, management, and international interactions shape strategic decision-making.

Tailor a graduate education by selecting a career track from among the following:

Learn about the courses that focus on the politics and economics of IR/PS' five regions: China, Japan, Korea, Latin America, and Southeast Asia