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Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Master of International Affairs

Candice Wang - BA/MIA 2010 Graduate

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Master of International Affairs (BA/MIA) is a consecutive program offered by IR/PS and UC San Diego's undergraduate International Studies Program (ISP).

This unique program incorporates graduate-level coursework into the final year of study for a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. The Master of International Affairs professional degree is awarded upon completion of an additional year of coursework at IR/PS.

The program is open only to International Studies-Economics and International Studies-Political Science majors at UC San Diego.

Prospective Students click here to learn more about ISP. 

The program curriculum builds on the interdisciplinary core of the International Studies Bachelor of Arts degree, making the Master of International Affairs suitable for a wide array of professional careers in international affairs focused on the Pacific region.

In addition to core classes, students in the BA/MIA program select one career track and one country/regional specialization: China, Korea, Japan, Latin America, or Southeast Asia. Language acquisition is a key element within the curriculum.

Core Curriculum


Regional Specialization

All students take courses in these core subjects: Students must pick one of the following tracks: Students must pick one of the following country/regional specializations:
Globalization International Economics China
Quantitative Methods International Management Japan
Policy Making Processes International Politics Korea
International Politics & Security Public Policy Latin America
Economics (Managerial & International) International Environmental Policy Southeast Asia
Accounting & Finance International Development & Nonprofit Management  

IR/PS adheres to all University of California policies and procedures regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. For more information, please visit the UC San Diego Office of Graduate Studies