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Admissions Button Grad Fairs September – December.
Find out when we will be in your city!
New York Sept. 15, 2014
New York APSIA Fair
Washington, D.C. Sept. 17, 2014
Washington, D.C. APSIA Fair
Toronto Sept. 18, 2014
Toronto APSIA Fair
Tokyo Sept. 19, 2014
IR/PS Tokyo Alumni Club visit with Ulrike Schaede
Invitation Only
Mexico City Sept. 20, 2014
Mexico City APSIA Fair
New York Sept. 22, 2014
New York Idealist Grad Fair
Philadelphia Sept. 23, 2014
Philadelphia Idealist Grad Fair
Utah Sept. 24, 2014
Brigham Young University Grad Fair
Long Beach Sept. 25, 2014
CSU Long Beach Grad Fair
Utah Sept. 26, 2014
University of Utah/Westminster Grad Fair
Boston Sept. 29, 2014
Boston Idealist Grad Fair
New Mexico Oct. 1, 2014
New Mexico State University Grad Fair
San Marcos Oct. 2, 2014
CSU San Marcos Grad Fair
U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Forum Academic Mobility Fair Oct. 6, 2014
U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Forum Academic Mobility Fair
Texas Oct. 8, 2014
Texas A&M Grad Fair
UC Berkeley Oct. 9, 2014
UC Berkeley Grad Fair