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image March 4, 2015

University of Hawai’i at Manoa IR/PS Information Session

image March 5, 2015
BYU Hawaii IR/PS Information Session


Tokyo Alumni Club with Dean Peter Cowhey March 9, 2015

IR/PS Tokyo Alumni Club with special guest Dean Peter Cowhey
Open to IR/PS Alumni and newly admitted students

Food & Fuel for the 21st Century March 12-13, 2015
2015 Food & Fuel for the 21st Century Symposium
Junjie Zhang
Sponsored by Food & Fuel for the 21st Century 
San Diego's Global Summit
Professor Gordon McCord March 26, 2015
IR/PS Washington, D.C. Alumni Reception 2015
image April 2, 2015
IR/PS Los Angeles Alumni & Student Mixer


Perspectives In Global Health April 9, 2015

Perspectives In Global Health
with Josh Graff Zivin 

Wei Shang-Jin April 14, 2015

"Asian Economies in 2015: Prospect, Opportunities and Challenges"

Professor Eli Berman April 16, 2015

"Confronting ISIS: Lessons from Conflict Research"

Jessica Chen Weiss May 20, 2015
"China's Powerful Patriots: Nationalist Protest in China's Foreign Relations"
Family & Friends June 12, 2015
Family & Friends Commencement Reception 2015