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Laptop Computer

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Requirement: Computing has always been an important part of the IR/PS curriculum. School policy at IR/PS now requires every student to have a notebook or "laptop" computer, to fulfill their work at IR/PS. Some classes even require the use of a laptop computer in the classroom. Every year, IR/PS establishes minimum and recommended laptop configurations. You can access these online at Computing Services.


Apple MacBook Pro

Dell Latitude

Buying your Laptop Computer: IR/PS highly recommends you purchase a new computer for use during your time at UCSD. Many retailers offer models with warranties that meet the specifications mentioned above. The UCSD Bookstore Computer Center offers models that meet the IR/PS specifications at specially discounted prices. See the Computing Services page for a link to their IR/PS laptop site.

Service and Support: While you are ultimately responsible for your own equipment, the IR/PS Computer Lab will provide support for the designated model and some support for other computer software or hardware. A special time is set aside during the PREP Program and Orientation to help you in setting up your programs, communications settings, or other items.

Laptop facilities: IR/PS has an electronic classroom specifically designed to support laptop use. The Gardner Room has 65 seats in a "case study" configuration with power and ethernet outlets at every seat. The Computer Lab is reconfigured to support 30 laptop users in addition to the school-owned computers in a training environment. The IR/PS Library has additional study locations to accomodate laptop users. You can connect to the UCSD Wireless Network available throughout the IR/PS complex and elsewhere on campus. When you connect to the UCSD wireless network, you must enter your UCSD AD Username and Password, the same credentials you need to get your UCSD email.

Connecting to the UCSD Network: UCSD has recently established minimum requirements that must be met before it allows any computer to connect to the network. Under these regulations, each computer on the network must, among other things:

  • Maintain software patches up to date
  • Maintain current anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Run firewall software
  • Enforce strong passwords

When you bring your laptop to campus, the IR/PS Computing Services team will inspect it to make sure it meets these requirements before it will be allowed to connect to the UCSD network.

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Why should you have your own computer for use at IR/PS?

Choice A It is a school requirement.

Choice B It attracts members of the opposite sex.

Choice C You can keep in touch with your home friends even in class.

Choice D To keep up with the latest in school fashions.