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With computer technology playing such a vital role in the curriculum at IR/PS, the Computer Lab and its associated network are crucial tools for your success at IR/PS. Before granting you access to the Lab and issuing you computer accounts, the School wants to be sure you are fully qualified to use lab computers and the network. Please take the time to review the following pages and answer the questions at the bottom of each page. After you have successfully visited all the pages, you will be alowed to use the computer lab.

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Two views of the computer lab: laptop lab (left) and training lab (right).

Since its founding, IR/PS has maintained a computer lab to assist students with their studies. The lab has evolved over the years as technology has advanced. Today the lab has two major areas: a training area with 10 school-owned Windows computers and a student study area with 30 laptop docking stations. In addition, students can use their laptop computers in the IR/PS library, the student lounge area, and in specially-modified classrooms such as the Gardner Room. The UCSD wireless network now covers the classrooms and open areas of IR/PS and enables wireless-enabled computing in most locations of our complex.

Your computer team: (L-R) Ivan Lau, Andreas Bungert and Gary Hoffman

Questions about the IR/PS Computer Lab and the IR/PS Network should be directed to irpshelp@ucsd.edu. You may also call the Computer Lab help line, (858) 534-7733.


To proceed with the training, please answer the following question correctly by clicking on the letter of the answer you choose:

How do you request help from the IR/PS computer support team?

Choice A Email help@help.com.

Choice B Stand up and shout "help!"

Choice C Email 'irpshelp@ucsd.edu'.

Choice D Just grin and bear it.