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Peter Gourevitch

IR/PS Founding Dean; Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science; 2014 Revelle Medal Honoree


(858) 534-7085
Fax: (858) 534-3939

9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0519

Office: #1421


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1969 (political science)
B.A., Oberlin College, 1963 (high honors in government)



Peter Gourevitch is the Founding Dean of IR/PS and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UC San Diego.

Peter Gourevitch: 2014 Revelle Medal Honoree (video)


Gourevitch can provide commentary on questions of international relations, international trade, domestic politics in relation to international trade issues, and comparative politics in advanced industrial countries of North America, Europe and Asia. He speaks fluent French, and has lectured and taught in that language.


Gourevitch is an expert on international relations and comparative politics. He specializes in political economy with a particular focus on international trade and economic globalization, trade disputes, regulatory system, and corporate governance.

Current Projects

Gourevitch is currently studying corporate governance systems in a globalizing world economy, comparing differences in the way countries structure companies and their relationship to shareholders.

Background Notes

Gourevitch was elected in 1996 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is the founding dean of IR/PS, where he served from 1986 to 1998. He co-edited International Organization with David Lake from 1996 -2001. He taught at Harvard from 1969-74, at McGill from 1974-79 and joined UC San Diego's political science department in 1979. He is a widower with two sons, Alex, 26, and Nick, 23.

Professional Activities

International Organization, co-editor, 1997-2001, Board of Editors, 1980-86, 1988-93, 1995-2001.
Council on Foreign Relations: member, 1991-present.
Selection Committee: International Affairs Fellowships, member since 1990, and chair of committee since 1995.
Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), president, 1991, secretary treasurer, 1990
American Political Science Association (APSA), co-chair of program committee, 1993 annual meeting, chair, section on "International System," 1984 meetings, member Administrative Council and Executive Committee, 1990-1992.
Chair, Woodrow Wilson Award Committee, 1995.
Social Science Research Council: Committee on Western Europe, member, 1981-1989; chair, 1985-1989.
Public Policy: politics editor, (publication of the Harvard Graduate School of Public Administration), 1971.

Research Interests

NGO/Nonprofits Case Studies Project

These case studies, developed by students at IR/PS, explore the ways NGOs monitor compliance with various norms and standards concerning corporate social responsibility; the environment, labor standards, food safety, working conditions, human rights, investing, and other important issues.

The cases are meant for teaching purposes and are available to students at any institution subject to copywrite rules. All of these cases are copywrited. Thus, if you reference them for papers or publications, you must make a citation to them. Please use this format: 
Aguirre, Sustainable Seafood, IR/PS CSR  Case 05-01, 2005.

New case studies are generated each year, and will be added to the NGO Case Study Library.

Table of Contents: NGO Case Study Library, August 2012

The Table of Contents is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet listing the case studies by name of student, by category, and name of organization. The list below provides a link to downloadable versions of each paper in the Case Study Library. The list is sorted by last name of author and includes a brief tile.

Aronofsky, "Media Monitoring"

Aguirre, "Fishwise"

Ascoli, "GoodGuide"

Barrier, "Bio Suisse Organization"

Bartter, "TOMS Shoes"

Beseda, "Food Alliance and Burgerville"

Black, "Petrobras"

Campanelli, "Banks and Cluster Bombs Funding"

Canamaso, "Organic Agriculture Movement"

Chavez, "Worker Rights Consortium"

Cheng, "Social Investment Funds - Domini"

Conway, "Whole Foods"

Crowe, "Animal Rights: Leaping Bunny Logo"

Cummings, "The SA8000 Standard"

Engelman, "US Green Building Council"

Fernandez, "One World Trust"

Fox, "FairTrade and Utz-Kapeh"

Goodman, "IBM's Sustainability Efforts"

Gorham, "Carbon Discolure Project"

Ha, "Ford Motor Company"

Hansen, "Eco-tourism"

Hirt, "Verité"

Horowitz, "DOE monitoring in Kyoto Protocol"

Huang, "Interfaith Center on Corporate Reponsibility"

Huang, "Adidas"

Hur, "Hewlett-Packard’s Global Citizenship Program"

Hwang, "Rainforest Alliance"

Hwang, "Merck"

Ishihara, "The Inditex Group"

Jinn, The Global Network Initiative"

Jost, "Leveraging Purchasing Power to Preserve Biodiversity"

Jost, "Purchase Power Partnership Model"

Kostova, "American Humane Association"

Kwon, "Earth Island Institute"

Lee, "Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition"

Lee, "Apple"

Lihardo, "Parents Television Council"

Magdaluyo, "B Lab"

Mendoza, "Evaluating E-Recycling"

Muratova, "World Wildlife Fund"

Murphy, "Chiquita"

Navarro, "California Certified Organic Farmers"

Nelson, "Charity Watchdogs"

Nguyen, "Equator Principles"

Owens, "Marine Stewardship Council"

Peng, "ISO organization"

Petersen, "CEMEX"

Pongratic, "Patagonia and Green Supply Chain"

Russell, "Vestas"

Salazar, "Calvert Social Investment Funds"

Shen, "Fair Labor Association"

Snavely, "U.S. Green Building Council"

Stryjewski, "Forest Stewardship Council"

Superti, "Addio Pizzo"

Tan, "Panasonic"

Tierney, "Greenhouse Gas Offsets"

Torres, "TOMS Shoes"

Veach, "Forest Stewardship Council and Staples"

Ventura, "Rainforest Alliance"

Vu, "Patagonia"

Wilcox, "ISO 14001"

Publications of Note

Gourevitch has a new book Political Power and Corporate Control: the New Global Politics of Corporate Governance forthcoming from Princeton University Press, Summer 2005. His previous major book, Politics in Hard Times: Comparative Responses to International Crisis has been published in Spanish, Italian, and Korean. He also published an article on corporate governance in Yale Law Journal, 2003. Other publications deal with U.S.-Japan relations, international relations after the Cold War, Europe and France.

Recent Publications

"The politics of corporate governance regulation," The Yale Law Journal, 112:7 (May, 2003), pp. 1829-1880. (112Yale L.J 1829).