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Pacific-focused Library Resources

IRPS Library Established with the creation of the School, the International Relations and Pacific Studies Library is the only academic library in the United States to focus primarily on the contemporary economies, politics, and markets of the Pacific region. IR/PS library resources feature regional strengths in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and some 1,400 active periodical subscriptions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages, plus hundreds of online databases and thousands of electronic journals.

IR/PS materials, approximately 140,000 volumes, are located on the 8th floor of the Geisel library on the central campus. UCSD Libraries provide access to more than 7 million digital and print volumes, journals, and multimedia materials and a range of services to meet the knowledge demands of scholars, students, and members of the public.

  • Hours for Geisel Library can be checked online at libraries.ucsd.edu/hours
  • Additional study space and group study rooms are available and are located at Geisel Library as well as the Biomedical Library. Online reservations can be made for the group study rooms here
  • IR/PS materials are searchable along with all library collections through the UCSD Libraries catalog search
When in need of assistance, IR/PS library subject specialists are available for consulations with faculty and students from IR/PS.
They can be reached at:

Victoria Chu, (858) 534-7782, vchu@ucsd.edu

Harold Colson, (858) 534-0619, hcolson@ucsd.edu

Sanae Isozumi, (858) 534-1224, sisozumi@ucsd.edu

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