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Anchored in the Present, Focused on the Future

IR/PS expects our students to aim high and be ambitious in their vision, which is why we hold ourselves to the same standards. While entrenched in strong scholarly values, we do much more than teach: We train leaders, create ideas, and support networks—all with an eye toward building a Pacific community.

After all, with our unique location on the Pacific Ocean and bordering Mexico, we are perfectly positioned to give students unmatched access to Asia and the Americas. We take advantage of this location to prepare students for careers that will help mold the Pacific region’s economic growth, technological innovations, and environmental and security challenges into instruments of peace, prosperity, and democracy.

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders 2014-15 All School Photo

IR/PS addresses global challenges—with a special eye on the Pacific region—by exploring theoretical ideas and practical applications for global professionals. At its core, the curriculum focuses on the professional’s need to have a comprehensive worldview, with a strong understanding of how public policy, management, and international interactions shape strategic decision-making.

One key to that training is students’ unmatched access to our internationally renowned faculty, who integrate an enthusiasm for teaching with rigorous scholarship. The faculty members do this, in part, by actively engaging both in and out of the classroom. Faculty members are also involved in far-reaching networks with leaders in government, industry, and non-governmental organizations. In addition, the range and depth of IR/PS faculty research is vast. The result of this work is new ideas that are used by global communities to both harness their common interests and cope with conflicts.

San Diego’s Expansive Horizon

San Diego is uniquely situated next to the Pacific Ocean to the west and Tijuana to the south. With Tijuana being one of Mexico's most dynamic cities, the San Diego/Tijuana area has become one of the most important economic centers in the Pacific region. Because of the increasing influence of international business on the economy, San Diego has also chartered a World Trade Center, which serves the business community to promote increased trade in the Pacific region.

One of the largest cities in the United States, San Diego offers a rich variety of social and recreational opportunities and enjoys beautiful weather year-round, with an average daily temperature of 70.5º (21.4 degrees Celsius). Due to its strong concentration of academic institutions, San Diego has become an important center for advanced research. The city also hosts a large number of rapidly growing biotechnology, electronics, international trade, and service firms.

Degrees with an Interdisciplinary Outlook

The IR/PS curriculum blends a mix of three professional school traditions: schools of international relations, public policy, and management. With small classes that stress team interaction, students are prepared for senior policy positions in the public and nonprofit sectors as well as in non-governmental organizations. Students are also ready for management positions in multinational firms and financial institutions. Our active internship and Career Services programs open up opportunities for graduates around the world.

IR/PS offers a comprehensive range of programs supporting international studies campus-wide. Through IR/PS, students will find a gateway into undergraduate international studies with options leading to a master’s degree in five years. At the graduate level, IR/PS offers two-year master’s, an executive master’s degree program designed for working professionals, and the opportunity for postdoctoral studies.

Executive Education

The Global Leadership Institute is the executive education program at IR/PS. Since 1989, professionals have enhanced their careers and their organizations through non-degree academic certificate programs available to individuals on an open-enrollment basis, and through customized group programs designed to match specific interests and lengths of study.

Part of a Larger Success Story

UCSD Scripps Pier While IR/PS stands among the world’s top graduate schools of international relations and is the established leader in its focus on Asia and the Americas, this is only part of the story. It is also anchored in the reputation and successes of the University of California, San Diego and the University of California system as a whole.

UC San Diego is one of the nation’s most accomplished research universities and has among the highest ranked departments in the world in both the social and natural sciences. Both our political science and economics groups are among the top ten in the country. We have the sixth largest research and development budget among American universities, and we have many Nobel Prize laureates.

We invite you to visit IR/PS, meet our faculty, staff, and students, and discover first-hand the opportunities IR/PS offers in the enormously dynamic and increasingly integrated Pacific region.