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The Pacific and International Affairs Student Organization (PIASO) is the student body government of IR/PS. Its purpose is to represent and promote the academic, professional and networking interests of the students. It serves as a center for student communication, information, and participation, and as a forum for student development.

PIASO acts as a liaison to the faculty and administration at IR/PS, and organizes social events to promote interaction among students, faculty, and administrators. Any registered full-time or part-time graduate student at IR/PS who pays their PIASO dues is a member of PIASO.

The PIASO Board consists of eight voting executive officers and two first-year student representatives. Students from the second year class hold the executive positions: President (bears tie-breaking vote only), Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Events, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Social Media.

Four IR/PS Representatives to the Graduate Student Association are also voting members of the PIASO board.


PIASO Executive Board

First Year Class Representatives

The First Year rep position distinguishes individuals as leaders and champions of their class.

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Representatives

GSA representatives are the bridge between IR/PS and the entire UC San Diego graduate community. They represent IR/PS student interests by lobbying for university funding, voicing student concerns, and facilitating IR/PS involvement in GSA programs and positions of leadership.

Colin Doberstein
Jason Raby
Emma Sopadjieva

For information about PIASO, please contact the PIASO Board: piasoboard@ucsd.edu