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Financial Resources

Our Student Affairs team provides assistance to current students regarding financial resources and can also help students work with the UC San Diego Office of Graduate Studies and UC San Diego Financial Aid Office regarding additional funding opportunities.


Current Students

Summer Internship Funding

IR/PS Career Services provides partial financial support to MPIA and BA/MIA students who undertake unpaid internships during the summer between their first and second year. Special fellowships, such as the ILAR Summer Fellows Program, the KPP Summer Fellows Program, the EmPac Summer Fellows Program, as well as other regionally-focused awards are available each year. A funding application is required, and attendance at the Summer Internship Funding Workshop, held during the Winter Quarter, is strongly recommended. Funding applications are available for download in February in the IRPSCAREERS' document library.

Conference/Professional Development Funding

A limited amount of money is available to MPIA and BA/MIA students to offset the cost of attending conferences and other professional development programs. For more information about obtaining funding, download the Conference Funding Guide. To apply, download and complete the application form.

Dean's Fellow Stipend

Each year, approximately 10% of outstanding continuing students are recognized as Dean’s Fellows. The Dean's Fellow designation is determined by selection from a list of students nominated by the IR/PS community:  faculty, alumni, staff, students, or friends. Those selected receive a small stipend. See the IR/PS Dean's Fellows page for more information.

Academic Appointments

Due to the rigors of coursework in the MPIA, MAS-IA and BA/MIA program, students are strongly discouraged from undertaking academic appointments during their first quarter of graduate studies.

IR/PS departments and centers that may offer opportunities are: IR/PS Learning Center, Career Services, External Relations, Admissions, Center on Emerging and Pacific Economies, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, and the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation.

Teaching Assistants

IR/PS teaching assistants are typically offered a salaried equivalent of up to 25%-50% full time employment (approximately 10-20 hours per week). Graduate students with academic appointments totaling 25%-50% time or more are entitled to full graduate student health insurance (GSHIP) remission and a partial fee remission. Teaching assistants are also eligible for fee deferments and temporary loans. Click here to learn more.

IR/PS students have also served as teaching assistants and readers in other academic departments. These departments include, but are not limited to the history department, the literature department, and the undergraduate college writing program.

Graduate Student Researchers

Graduate student researchers (GSR) at IR/PS are appointed on the basis of the student’s experience and expertise relating to the project for which funds are available, as well as the appropriateness of the project to the student’s research interests. GSR appointments may be awarded at various percentage levels. Appointments greater than 25% time are entitled to a GSR tuition/fee remission (excludes professional fees). Students interested in a GSR position should contact their professors for research opportunities.

Readers and Tutors

Readers and tutors who are appointed to a minimum of 25% time for the quarter are also eligible for TAHI/TAFE; however, payment is issued as a refund after the end of the quarter. Refunds are coordinated between the hiring department and OGS.

External Fellowships

UC San Diego maintains a central repository for funding announcements that contains information on local, regional, and intramural programs. Visit the Fellowships list maintained by IR/PS Student Affairs.

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Income Taxes

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 deems most graduate student support as taxable income. Students appointed as teaching assistants and graduate student researchers will complete the W-4, Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate to indicate the amount of federal and state taxes to be withheld from monthly salary payments. Visit the Office of Graduate Studies website for more tax information.

U.S citizens and permanent residents:

Fellowship and stipend funds used for registration fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction are non-taxable. All remaining fellowship stipend funds are taxable.

Taxes are not withheld from stipend payments and students should submit quarterly tax payments for federal (1040 ES) and state (540 ES) taxes.

International students:

Fee and tuition payments from scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, research assistant tuition and fee remission, teaching assistant health insurance/fee remission, and in-candidacy fee offset grants are non-taxable.

Salary and stipend payments require federal tax withholding unless the provisions of an income tax treaty cover the income. Tax treaties do not apply to California state taxes. 

Visit the International Center page taxes for international students for more information.

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Tax Resources

General information - OGS website
Tax preparation assistance (domestic) - Student Legal Services
Tax preparation assistance (international) - International Center
Questions regarding 1098-T: 858-822-4628.  Students may access their 1098-T at the following website
Questions regarding 1042-S (international students, only): Paul Rodriguez at 858-534-3241
Questions regarding W-2
Questions regarding 1099